The Butler County Jail offers 24 hrs a day service. You may Bond an inmate at any time from our Facility.

Personal Recognizance (ROR) - Your personal recognizance, provided that you promise to appear at all scheduled hearings, trials, or otherwise as required by the Court.

Unsecured Bond or Surety Bond - An unsecured appearance bond from you or your surety to be forfeited should you fail to appear as required by the Court. Surety’s must not have no pending/convicted felony charges, and cannot be the Defendant/Co-Defendant in the case.

Partially Secured Bond - Cash bail secured by cash deposit of 10% of the deposit will be retained if you are found guilty and the court determines you have performed the conditions of your release. The entire cash bond will be forfeited should you fail to appear as requested by the court.

Property Bonds - Anyone placing a property Bond must have the property approved by both PVA and Circuit Clerk’s Office before the Bond can be Complete.

Weekenders - Anyone sentenced to serve weekends must pay the first and last Per Diem Charge upon arrival at the Butler County Jail. Each remaining Weekend payment will be expected upon arrival. Fees for weekend are $60.00.

Circuit Work Release - Fees will be paid weekly with no exceptions. Failure to do so will result in Work Release Privileges becoming revoked.

District Work Release - Fees will be paid weekly with no exceptions. Failure to do so will result in Work Release Privileges becoming revoked.

If you request that the bond money be posted in your name. You must request and sign as a third party surety.

ALL bonds will be subject to a $25.00 non-refundable bond fee. Also ALL bonds will have a Jail Fee of $20.00 and a Bond Fee of $5.00, making the total fees upon bonding $50.00


Money for the inmate to use to purchase items from the Commissary may be left at the Jail door Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3       pm.

Commissary items can be purchased daily. It runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Inmate Court Schedule: Court dates are as follows unless otherwise directed by the Judges.

District Court

Held every Wednesday of each month

2nd Floor Butler County Courthouse

Circuit Court

2nd Tuesday of each month

Hispanic Court

1st Tuesday of each month


The Butler County Jail uses Combined Public Communications (CPC) for their Inmate Phone System.

For more information you can call the following number:

Combined Public Communications



        Once booked into the facility, an inmate will have 14 days to have these items dropped off or accepted via mail. After 14 days, we will no longer accept any property. No exceptions!

         All of the items purchased must be new!

        The following items are currently accepted from 7:00 to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday ONLY. 

        3 white t-shirts
        2 pair of sweat pants (grey or white only)
        2 sweat shirts (grey or white only)
        2 pair of long johns (white or grey)

        2 pair of shorts (white or grey)           
        1 pair of slides 


        The following items can be purchased on commissary and are permitted inside the cell. 

        3 pair of underwear             
        3 pair of socks     
        1 cup                  
        1 bowl